Installing SSIPTV on your Samsung Smart TV

In this guide, you can get all the details on how to install SSiPTV on Samsung Smart TV using USB and how to configure SSiPTV correctly.

Install SSIPTV on Samsung Smart TV

SS IPTV is a Great Alternative to Smart IPTV or Net IPTV and is one of the most popular applications for watching IPTV channels today, but it is not available in the Samsung App Store.

Check out SS IPTV for the best IPTV player alternatives

But don’t worry, there are ways to install and use this app on your TV.

The method is very similar to the one we use when installing Smart IPTV on Samsung Smart TVs from the USB flash drive.

And seeing the problems this latest app has been experiencing recently, SS IPTV has become the best choice.

✅Completely free
✅SSiPTV is more stable
✅Allows you to upload different IPTV lists and create groups

What is SS IPTV for?

It is an application for all types of devices that allows you to add m3u lists to view IPTV TV channels.

To do this, you need to have a list of IPTV channels in m3u format, which contains all the necessary data for the channel you want to watch. Select an M3U IPTV subscription here.

Add the M3U list to the SSiPTV application, which is used to connect and enable you to view the channels available in the m3u list on the device on which you have installed the application.

You should be aware that the SSiPTV app does not contain any pre-loaded m3u channel lists, you must add them to your account.

The app is available for Android devices and you can download the SS IPTV apk on your phone, tablet, Android Tv, or Kodi.

For Samsung Smart TVs, the only way to install the app is to use a USB flash drive.

Installing SSIPTV on Samsung Smart TVs

This app is not available in the Samsung Smart TV App Store, but that doesn’t mean we can’t install it.

To do this, the fastest way is to download the application to the USB flash drive and follow a few simple steps to install it on our TV.

Installed in older models of Samsung Smart TVs

Older models of Samsung TVs do not use the Tizen operating system, but rather a system called Orsay.

Models produced between 2012 and 2015 use this operating system, although it is always convenient to check the user manual.

1️⃣Download SS IPTV for Orsay

Download the SS IPTV application for Samsung Smart TVs with Orsay operating system


Unzip the downloaded file on your computer and you will get a folder called ssiptv_orsay_usb.
In this folder, you will find another sub-folder called “SSIPTV” which contains 4 files.

3️⃣Paste to USB

Copy and paste the sub-folder into the root directory of the USB stick to connect it to the TV.

The TV will detect the connected USB and start installing SSIPTV which you can find in the Applications section.

⚠️Note! In these older models, it is likely that the application will be deleted when the TV is switched off or restarted.

The only solution is to connect the USB to the Smart TV, as you will have to install the application every time you want to use it.

SSIPTV on Samsung Tizen Smart TV

The latest Samsung models have an operating system called Tizen installed.

These models correspond to TVs produced in 2015, so you will have to use a different version of the app.

1️⃣ Download SSiPTV for Tizen

Download the SSiPTV app for Samsung Smart TVs with the Tizen operating system


Extract the downloaded file to a folder named ssiptv_tizen_usb.

In this folder, you will find a subfolder called “use widget” which contains 2 files.

3️⃣ Send to USB

Copy and paste the sub-folder to the USB flash drive and connect it to the TV.

When the Smart TV detects the connected USB, the application installation will start automatically.

Once installed, you will be able to access the app from the app shop and place a shortcut on the Smart Hub.

Uploading M3U channel listings to SS IPTV

As I mentioned, the application does not contain any channel listings, in order to watch TV channels online, you will need to upload your own m3u listings to your Smart TV via SSiPTV.

OTV IPTV provides you with an M3U list from which you can subscribe to the IPTV list for your use.

If you would like to test how the app works, you can contact the OTV IPTV team for a free 2-day trial of the M3U IPTV list.

These are the steps you need to take to add the m3u channel list to SSiPTV so that you can watch Internet TV channels on your Smart TV

Steps to be performed.

1- Launch SS IPTV and go to Settings.
2- Click on the content option in the left menu.
3- Now select the “External Playlist” subscription.
4- Then select the “Add button” and enter your playlist title and link in the required fields. (M3U playlists will be found in your subscription email.)
5- Finally, click on the “Save” option. Your playlist will now be displayed in a folder on the main screen of the application.

The IPTV list you have added to the application will appear and you can edit it if you wish by clicking on the pencil button.

You must complete the necessary data to add the list to the app and have it appear on your Smart TV.

The most important thing is to set a name in Displayed Name to identify it and enter the URL of the list in Source.

Restart the app on the Smart TV for SSiPTV to display the newly added list.

SSiPTV is currently the best application for watching IPTV channels on Samsung Smart TVs.

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