How to install IPTV ATV on Nvidia Shield?[2022]

With the popularity and wide use of IPTV. There are many different IPTV players, all with their own characteristics. The Nvidia Shield is one of the best Performing Android devices on the market. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and use IPTV ATV on Nvidia Shield.

IPTV ATV is one of the best IPTV subscription services available to run on Nvidia Shield. They offer 3 days of free testing and local live channels for watching movies, TV shows, sports games, and other content in over 26 countries.

Install iptv atv on nvidia shield

How to install IPTV ATV on Nvidia Shield?

Nvidia Shield delivers excellent performance with the best IPTV Android apps. Streaming TV over the Internet is now common. If you subscribe to IPTV ATV, you can install IPTV applications on your device through Google Chrome.

Now follow this tutorial to install and use it.

Step1: enable applications from unknown sources on Nvidia Shield

1) Open the Nvidia Shield homepage, click the Settings icon and select “Security and Limitations” from the menu

2)Select the unknown source and open the switch.

Now, your Nvidia Shield can install third-party applications.

Step 2. Install the IPTV ATV on the Nvidia Shield 

1) Start the Google App Store and search for the Downloader.

2) Click on the Downloader icon, and then install it. Click “Open” when you are complete

3) Start the downloader and allow access to all media files.

4) Enter the IPTV ATV download link to download the correct apk version you want and click on “Go.”

There are three versions of the download links:

ATV App (blue):

ATV Plus App (red):

5) After the download, click “Install” the application and click “Open

The IPTV installation on your Nvidia Shield has been completed.

Step 3: Activate the IPTV ATV and release the permissions

1) Start the IPTV ATV on your Nvidia Shield device. Then click on “Settings.”

2) Enter the IPTV activation code to release the permission.

Note; the activation code is sent to your mailbox by email after you subscribe. If you encounter problems, please contact the customer service in time

congratulations! You can use IPTV ATV at Nvidia Shield anytime, anywhere.

The last

This is the easiest way you can watch your favorite IPTV channel on Nvidia shield. Execute this simple way to watch your favorite content. Want more setup details? Post the comments below.

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