IPTV subscription: Configuration on MYTVonline for Formuler?

Configuration on MYTVonline, in this tutorial, we will show you how to configure on MYTVonline IPTV subscription.

MyTvOnline works on any Android device (requires Android 5.0 or later). You can also install and run this application on your computer by using an Android emulator app. The FormulerZ is the latest mixture of an IPTV receiver and an Android media player. The FormulerZ is Android-based, so it can play the newest versions of all available apps on your device.

FormulerZ or S Boxes with the MyTvOnline application use the following three configuration methods:

  • Portal/Stalker with MAC/ID registered with IPTV provider
  • Xtreme Codes Api (XC) with username and password
  • M3U Playlists

Configuring the Portal on MyTvOnline

After subscribing to an IPTV subscription, you will receive the Portal link to use, which must be inserted into the MyTvOnline application. For example http://new-pro.tv:8080/c

Your mac address will be registered on our side of the server (when registering, please enter the mac address of your Formuler Z/S box. It starts with 00:1A:79:…. starting with).

Configure on MyTvOnline 1:

Go to MyTvOnline > Menu > Portal → Edit Portal (see video)

Configure on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Add Portal (see picture) and press “Connect”.

configure on MYTVonline IPTV

MyTvOnline Xtream code setup

The only difference is that instead of registering the MAC address, you insert the login data (username and password). We provide you with this data directly.

Suppose you are given data, for example, Portal: http://www.otviptv.com, Username: otv Password:123456.

Portal title: OTV IPTV Portal URL: http://www.otviptv.com Do I need to log in? Yes, please enable it. Username: otv Password:123456

Xtream code configuration on MyTvOnline 1:

Go to MyTvOnline > Menu > Portal > Edit Portal

configuration on mytvonline: edit portal

Xtream code configuration on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2 > Menu > Connect > Add Portal and press “Connect”.

mytvonline2 setup xc

Setting M3U links on MyTvOnline

M3U playlist URLs are different and much longer than Portal or XC (Xtream-codes) URLs. If you get an M3U URL, it may look like the following example: http://line.otviptv.com/get.php?username=otv&password=123456&type=m3u

The EPG XML URL should be similar to the following example: “http://line.otviptv.com/xmltv.php?username=otv&password=123456”.

M3U playlist configuration on MyTvOnline 1:

Go to MyTvOnline > Menu > Playlists → Edit Playlist

mytvonline setup m3u link

M3U playlist configuration on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2>Menu>Connection>Playlists>Add Playlist and press Connect.

mytvonline2 setup m3u playlist


How do I add apps to my Formuler Z8?

Download the APK file to your PC and save it to a USB drive, insert the USB drive into your device. Go to the Home u003e File Manager / File Browser application and install the application.

What does a Formuler Z8 do?

FORMULER Z8 PRO provides all the required connectivity to watch your over-the-top (OTT) 4K streaming content. Formuler’s exclusive MYTVOnline2 is the best media viewing platform in the market providing users with a refined and professional User Interface.

How do I connect my z8 Formuler?

Turn on your Formuler device.
Go to Home > Settings > Network(WiFi)
Turn on WiFi if it is turned off.
Find and select your WiFi network from the list.
Enter your WiFi password if necessary.
Press ENTER on the on-screen keyboard.

Is the Android Formuler box?

Formuler Z+ Plus Neo – Budget-friendly Android Box with Wireless Networking & MYTVOnline 2. Formuler Z+ Plus Neo balances advanced features and prices in order to offer the most cost-effective device to end-users.

Why is my Android TV remote not working?

Make sure you are pointing the remote directly at the TV or at an optimal distance. Try reseating the batteries. If the remote is still unresponsive or intermittently responding, it is possible the batteries were installed incorrectly. Try removing the batteries from the remote and re-inserting them.

To sum up:

We recommend using the second method Xtream code in our IPTV subscriptions. This method will allow you to use your subscription on other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers.

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