How to Enter the Adult Channels on ATV IPTV?

When you want to use IPTV ATV to watch adult channels, there is no adult channel! Please do not worry, for better protection, adult channels are locked by default, you need to enter a password to unlock the channel. Read on to learn how to unlock adult channels.

How to switch EPG styles on ATV IPTV?

IPTV ATV provides a total of three TYPES of EPGS. The EPG is activated by default. If you want to switch between different styles of EPGS, read this article. We provide a video tutorial and screen capture guide.

How to add FAV channels on IPTV ATV?

IPTV ATV has over 5 years of experience in HD streaming servers. And with its high quality, stable service and no ice-free characteristics in the market is popular. Most popular in the UK.There are 3000 + VOD and 1000 + live channels and 200 + valuable sports channels.Provide PAV addition function, when encountering your favorite program, you can choose to use FAV this function to add your favorite program. Of course, they also offer a free 3-day trial service.