How to add FAV channels on IPTV ATV?

IPTV ATV has over 5 years of experience in HD streaming servers. And with its high quality, stable service and no ice-free characteristics in the market is popular. Most popular in the UK.There are 3000 + VOD and 1000 + live channels and 200 + valuable sports channels.Provide PAV addition function, when encountering your favorite program, you can choose to use FAV this function to add your favorite program. Of course, they also offer a free 3-day trial service.

This article tells two tutorial guides for adding FAV channels on IPTV ATV.

How to add FAV channels on IPTV ATV?

When you encounter a long list of program channels, we like only like a few of the TV programs, but things, these programs are distributed in all the program channels, need a program to search, is a very troublesome thing. There is a FAV add channel feature that lets you solve immediate problems.

Now, there are two ways to add FAV programs.

Method 1: You can add your favorite channel to your TV

To select your favorite live channel, you hold down the OK button on the remote control for more than two seconds. And a ☆ symbol appears to add your favorite program. Click on the asterisk ★ to complete the FAV favorites channel function.

Method 2: Add a favorites channel to your favorites

On the program guide-go to Settings-Favorites Management. You can set up groups in the FAV, making it easier to find the groups you want.

For example, instead of viewing over 1,300 channels, you may want to select the Sports group to find programs to add to the FAV column.

The last

Have you already learned how to use the FAV features on your IPTV ATV? Then act, please come! Collect your program channels or movies that you like through a free trial or IPTV subscription service. You can try downloading our service. We offer you a free 3-day trial and you will not be disappointed.

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